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Botticino, Old Sienna and White Statuary Marble Altar - Sold

Marble Altar

Marble Altar frontMarble Altar cornerMarble Altar side1Marble Altar side2

Marble altar: fabricated in Italy of Botticino, Old Sienna, and white statuary marble and installed in 1954 in a Perpetual Adoration Chapel, removed 2018; Mensa is 96” across, 22” deep with slightly raised gradine  approximately 22” deep, total overall depth with monstrance tabor is approximately 60”.



In January of 2018 Ken Pribanic of Church Furnishings Clearinghouse, LLC and two of his co-workers came to our large monastery in Tucson Arizona a month before its sale and removed a 1950s era high marble altar. We had unsuccessfully offered it to local Catholic parishes; it needed to be removed from what would no longer be a place of worship.  In the dismantling of the marble altar into about 25 pieces, I found him very professional, very efficient and he knew exactly how to dis-assemble it.   More important, he showed obvious respect for the altar and for other historical statues and pieces, the fruit of training in historic preservation.  Not only did he 'supervise', he worked like a trojan and it was heavy work.  Would I recommend his firm to others?  Yes, indeed.

                     --Sr. Joan Ridley, OSB, final superior of Benedictine Monastery, Tucson, AZ